What Animal Symbolizes Dreams

Dreams have fascinated humankind since the beginning of time. Nearly every culture and civilization has attempted to interpret the mysterious world of dreams, including what animals might represent within these nightly visions. When we understand dream symbolism, it can provide greater insight into our subconscious minds.

So what animal has come to symbolize dreams more than any other? The answer may surprise you.

The Butterfly as a Dream Symbol

The Butterfly as a Dream Symbol

Of all the animals associated with dreamsthe butterfly is one of the most ubiquitous across cultures and history. There are many reasons why butterflies have become such a powerful symbol of dreams:

  • Butterflies go through a dramatic metamorphosis, completely transforming from caterpillars to winged insects. This reinforces the mystical and transformative aspect of dreams.
  • Butterfly wings have colorful, symmetrical patterns that can seem dream-like.
  • Butterflies often appear in groups, suggesting the ephemeral, mysterious nature of dreams.
  • Butterflies live very brief life spans, much like dreams fade quickly upon waking.

Here are some more specific ways butterflies symbolize dreams in myth, folklore, and culture:

Ancient Greece and Rome

  • The ancient Greek word for butterfly is “Psyche”, which also means “soul”. This reinforced the butterfly as a symbol of dreams and spirits.
  • In classical myth, Psyche was a mortal woman who married Cupid and became the goddess of the soul. Her name and story link butterflies to the human spirit.


  • In early Christian art, butterfly wings were used to symbolize resurrection and transformations of the soul.
  • Catholic churches often use butterflies in stained glass and statues to represent the soul and dreams.

Native American Culture

  • In Hopi legend, butterflies represented the wandering spirits of dreams. Their migrations represented the ephemeral nature of dreams.
  • For Navajo people, butterflies were considered the souls of sleepers wandering in night’s dreams.

Dream Interpretation

  • In many dream interpretation guides, seeing a butterfly in your dreams signals a personal transformation is taking place, much like the metamorphosis butterflies undergo.
  • Different colored butterflies have various dream meanings. For example, a yellow butterfly foretells joy and optimism, while a black butterfly may signal coming troubles.

So across cultures, the magical butterfly encapsulates the otherworldly qualities of dreams. Their dramatic transformations, colorful wings, and brief life spans reflect our dream states.

Other Dream Animals

While the butterfly may be the most iconic creature associated with dreams, other animals also carry dream symbolism:



Birds have long been considered messengers between the divine and earthly realms, including dreams. Their ability to fly reinforces dreams’ mystical aspect.


These nocturnal creatures have strong associations with feminine energy, mystery, and the unconscious mind. Their night-time prowling links them to dreams.


In myth and culture, snakes represent personal transformation – the shedding skin echoes dreams’ transformational power.

Dream Animal Symbolism in Culture

Dream animals have made many memorable appearances in art, literature, film and music over the years:

  • Franz Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis” famously depicted a man transformed into a giant bug, reflecting his dreamlike, nightmarish state.
  • Salvador Dali’s surrealist paintings often feature melting clocks, symbolic butterflies, and mysterious creatures to convey the texture of dreams.
  • In Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“, Alice follows the White Rabbit into his rabbit hole, setting up her fantastical dream.
  • The Beatles’ lyrics in “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” contain dreamlike imagery with “tangerine trees” and “rocking horse people”.

So while the butterfly may be the quintessential dream creature, many animals continue to populate the landscape of our dreaming minds. As they have for millennia, animals act as messengers between the mundane and magical worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dream Animals

Why are animals such common dream symbols?

Animals represent our primal instincts and deepest unconscious associations. Since dreams arise from our unconscious, animals naturally populate that symbolic landscape.

Do dreams with animals have special meaning?

Animal dreams often signal the dreamer is undergoing internal changes and growth. The type of animal can clarify the nature of this transformation.

Can animals appear differently in dreams vs. waking life?

Absolutely. Animals in dreams may talk, shift shapes, or exhibit otherworldly qualities. This further links them to the mystical realm of dreams.

What’s the significance of being attacked by an animal in a dream?

Being attacked or chased by a wild animal typically signals we are grappling with a difficult emotion or inner conflict in our waking lives.

What does it mean to dream you can fly or transform into an animal?

These dreams symbolize personal growth and breaking free of old restrictions. They signify the dreamer coming into new power.

Do spirit animals appear in dreams?

Dream encounters with spirit animals, like wolves, eagles or bears, signifies the dreamer should harness that animal’s symbolic traits in their waking life.

Can pets or other familiar animals appear in dreams?

Certainly. Seeing pets in dreams often represents your bond with that animal manifesting in the dream world. Or they may symbolize certain qualities you see in that pet.

Is it possible to control or direct animal dreams?

While not proven scientifically, some claim you can ‘lucid dream’ to control dream content. This may allow intentionally summoning a meaningful dream animal.

Where can I learn more about animal dream symbols?

Consult dream interpretation guides, analyze your personal dream journal, or work with a Jungian therapist to better understand messages from your dream animals.


Animal dream symbols have intrigued humanity across cultures and history. Of all creatures, the butterfly’s dramatic metamorphosis best encapsulates the mystical aspects of dreams. But many animals traverse the landscape of our dreams as messengers between mundane and magical realms. Paying attention to these dream beasts can unlock deeper self-understanding.