Looking for a Safe, Secure VPN?

Have you ever heard of a Virtual Private Network?  Well it might seem some sort of geeky, technology thing but the reality is that millions of people across the world use a VPN every day for a variety of reasons.    Using a VPN is now relatively simple if you use one of the new range of client software front ends and the technology behind is pretty much shielded from the end user.   It is in fact a network tunnel in which all your data travels across the internet, most are encrypted meaning that your personal details and information are protected.

Here’s some of the numerous uses of a VPN:

  • Protecting your Personal Details Online
  • Bypassing Government Blocks and Firewalls (e.g. China, Iran, Turkey etc).
  • Encrypting Emails
  • Bypassing Geoblocks – access media sites like Hulu, BBC etc from any country.

These are just some of the more popular reasons people invest in VPNs there are many more.  However one of the core requirements of a using a Virtual Private Network is that of security.  So how does one select a secure VPN service?   Well this video will hopefully start you looking in the right places.

Of course, if you’re just using the VPn to watch blocked Youtube videos or access the BBC iplayer when travelling then some of these concerns may seem a bit over the top. However if you’re investing in a VPN service you should surely use it when making important insecure transactions over the internet. Consider how often you’ve checked you email or bank account when using an insecure access point in somewhere like a hotel or airport. A VPN would encrypt all you communication and ensure that your personal details are safe wherever you are.

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