Looking For Wine Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for wine gift baskets online, you’re going to find plenty of choices….at least it appears you’re going to have plenty of choices.

When you begin to look deeper you’ll realize a few things pretty quickly.  First, most of the wine gift baskets for sale are coming from the same places.  They have the same wines.  The same chocolate.  The same crackers.  Boring, boring and even more boring.

Plus, the quality level isn’t even that high.

Secondly, you’ll realize that even after sorting through page after page of Google results….the average gift basket is being sold at hundreds of different stores.  Finding a gift basket site which is actually creating and packaging their own gift baskets, as it turns out, is incredibly difficult!

From a safety perspective I find the whole process to be a major problem.  If these retailers or simple websites aren’t actually doing the business themselves, how can we realistically expect them to be performing all the checks that are legally required to happen from the shipping of wine?


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