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Your Children’s Virtual World

I was walking passed a neighbor’s house yesterday and I could hear lots of noise and laughter coming from his garage.  It sounded like a party and it was nice to hear the sounds of laughter and fun!  I spoke to my neighbor today and asked how the party had gone and discovered that there […]

Using Proxies Online

Many people seem to equate the use of proxy servers with security and safety when used online.  There are literally thousands of free web proxies available with just a cursory look with any search engine.  However the problem is that many of these online proxies are far from safe to use. The reason people use […]

Business Strategy on the Internet Battlefield

Let’s face it. The Internet has become an important factor to consider for corporations in their business strategy development. After all, with a lot of online advertisements that can be seen on various websites, it is clear that the Internet is an online arena where enterprises, ranging from small businesses to mega corporations, compete for […]