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Safe Searching For Trailer Tents

I am the happy owner of a trailer tent.  My parents used to take me and my brother away in a trailer tent and many a long summer spent in one of these camping is something I look back on and treasure.  Being an enthusiast, I spend a lot of time reading about trailer tents […]

Finding a Wine Gift

Every website has to be worried about both security, but also who their content is available to. Of course, some industries take that responsibility more seriously than others. One industry which is struggling with how to deal with the question of online safety is the wine industry.  Anyone trying to buy a wine gift online […]

Online Voting – Security Concerns

Proponents of casting ballots online during elections cite the tremendous cost savings to be had by moving the process of voting to an electronic medium.  They also make grand claims about how increasing the convenience of voting by making it something you can do on the Internet would greatly increase voter participation rates. Both of […]

Social Media Security Problems

The subject of security on social networking sites is of course quite complicated.  However there are some basic problems and mistakes that people use – here’s some of the important ones that you should try to avoid. Using the same password – it doesn’t matter that you’ve got a super secure password consisting of twenty […]

Using Proxies Online

Many people seem to equate the use of proxy servers with security and safety when used online.  There are literally thousands of free web proxies available with just a cursory look with any search engine.  However the problem is that many of these online proxies are far from safe to use. The reason people use […]

Online Privacy When Buying Alcohol

Alcohol is among the most regulated industries around anywhere to be sure.  Unlike tobacoo, or any type of food permits are needed from almost every state in the country individually if you plan to sell alcohol online.  For some of the top wine clubs around, they are so busy simply complying with permits, that they […]