Some Helpful Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for Windows

Microsoft has made quite a bit of progress with Windows over the years. While not every version has been a complete success, overall the glitches and bugs have been mostly overcome. Folks are generally very happy with Windows 7, and it seems likely Windows 8 will be just as remarkable. Each version of Windows – it really doesn’t matter which one you use – can give you countless shortcuts to help you use your computer more easily.


At times, you may want more than to just maximize your view and view something in full screen mode. This really is nice if you are watching a video or looking at a beautiful photograph. The detail will be more awesome if you view it in full screen mode. You get a full view of your image or video with full-screen mode without having to look at the header and the task bar. To go to full screen mode, open your photograph or start your video with Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player, then hit F11, which is in the top row of your keyboard. If you press the Escape Key (ESC), it will take you out of full screen and back to wherever you were. This technique will only work for users that have Windows 7 or Windows XP Were you impressed with the Aero Glass theme that came installed with your Windows 7? These themes are very well done; however, they do cause your computer to run slower and use up a good bit of memory.

When a Windows 7 owner has enjoyed the Aero themes for a while, he or she may decide to save memory and gain more speed by changing over to one of the Basic themes that are available. You don’t have to do anything special to disable an Aero theme. All that’s necessary is to go to the Control Panel and choose Change a Theme under Appearance and Personalization. Naturally, you don’t have to change themes if you simply love the Aero themes. They are really very beautiful. Just keep the speed of your computer in mind when you make your decision.

If you get rid of programs on your computer that you have no need for, Windows will run a lot faster. Most computer folks buy new computers with all sorts of software and programs already on them that they don’t have any need for. However, these unused programs still use your memory and this slows your computer down. If you’re pretty sure you’re not going to be using a program, why not just delete it? ¬†Also you should be sure to optimize network components, after all most of us surf a lot on our PCS. ¬†Using a fast ,smart DNS server like this will not only allow you access geo-locked content but will also speed up name resolution.

Another item that slows down your PC is your start-up function. Disable programs on your start-up menu that you don’t need opened. This only makes sense. Why have your computer run slowly just to open programs that you don’t need?

Good logic dictates that you use Windows to your fullest advantage. There are many things you can do to run Windows more efficiently and we’ve just given you a taste of what you can do. Your reasons for using a computer are as unique as you are, and you can make your daily work easier and more efficient by learning more shortcuts. Be open to searching for ways to enhance your computer experience and you will discover the many possibilities available to you.

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