Television Can be Bad Example for Children


Television, no matter enjoyable it is, can be a bad influent for children. My five years old son loves to watch TV every day and every hours nonstop. I do not mind if what he watches is cartoon network. Well he does but he also watches an adult show. He learns the new inappropriate vocabulary through it. There are so many unrated movies or reality shows that do not proper for kids to watch. We as the parents have to be very careful at letting our children to watch bad shows. The worst part is when the children start to imitate what they watch from the television in the real life with their friends. My oldest son starts to fight with his brother when he saw the superhero movie. He acted like some super hero who fought evil. It does not matter when they have some physical appearance, in the contrary they don’t. I try to separated my son into watching television too much by giving him a pet to take care of. Well I think it is work. He loves the pet so much and watches television less. I also bought him an automatic pet feeder to help him take care of it more better.

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