Online Safety And Security

Nobody wants their children seeing things online that is inappropriate and also want to be safe in the knowledge that they are proptected from predators lurking online.

Certain things like images of whisky will not harm a child like on here and most responsible retailers will have strict measures in place to ensure that the purchase of alcohol online is strictly monitered and children can’t do it. However it is the people using the internet without that sense of responsibility with no thoughts about the consequences of their actions. 

Getting the best security equipment on your computer is important to safeguard the user and the computer itself and also keeping an eye on the kind of things your children are looking at will also be a hug part of it because ultimately your childrens safety is your responsibility and if you think they are in harms way by going on certaing sites then it is up to you to make sure thatthey don’t.

Something like this is often easier said than done especially with the internet being as readily available on mobile devices as it is but as long as you fully educate your child about the dangers that are out there online then you should be able to feel at ease that they will not be targeted.


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