Search Online Safely

No matter what you are looking for, you can most likely find information about it online.  Unfortunately, that often means you will be finding material that is lewd, offensive, or downright disgusting.  While for me, this isn’t that big of a problem.  I am a big girl, and I know that people have different tastes in different things, if you will.  If I am searching for information about the insanity workout,  and I come across something disgusting or unpleasant, I can simply exit out of the website and continue with what I am looking for.  

My 9 year old son, however, may not have the same wits about him in terms of internet searches.  If he were to type something into a search engine and something frightening, lewd, or disgusting appears, he may not always have the sense to leave the website without what he saw leaving a lasting impression on him.  That is why it is so important to have a parent with him while he is doing any sort of internet searches.  Parents can then review the list of results to determine if a website is suitable for children based on the web address and the short website description given underneath the site.  While it may not completely eliminate children coming across websites they shouldn’t see, it can greatly reduce the instances of them being permanently marked by something which they see online.  At least, then, a parent can quickly exit out of an inappropriate website and perhaps explain to their child what they saw and make it a learning experience rather than something frightening.  

While a parent may not be able to be with their child EVERY time they need to do an internet search for research or other purposes, they should at least know what topic their child is searching so that they can foresee something offensive or frightening which may appear in search results.  This will help kids to search online safely.


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