Wine Content

We’ve all seen the standard wine tasting videos.

Old white man sits down.  Old white man swirls his glass.  Old white man tells us about all the things he can smell and all the things we can taste.  Old white man reminds us how much better his taste and smell senses are than ours.  He then rates the wine and tells us to either buy, or not buy.

Personally, I hate those videos.  They’re boring.  They’re tired.  They make me cringe.

Look, finding wine gifts is hard enough without having to try and guess what the flavor of the week so to speak is going to be when it comes to major critics.  I like being able to see what the winemaker has to say about the wine, or at least someone from the winery that is half way engaging.  All of that is really true, even when I’m looking to buy a wine to put in with gift baskets.  Personally, I don’t think content creation and videos for wine have to be so stuffy.  I know there is a lot of concern over how hyping wine sales up a bit is going to bring in a younger audience, but with all the ID checks both in person and during deliveries, are we really worried about our 16 year olds buying $40 per bottle wine through the mail?

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