Why We Need Safer Online Health Information

One of the key areas to implement stricter rules and regulations on the web is when it comes to health information.  I’m not really talking about over the counter treatments and home remedies as I think the internet provides a useful resource in this regard.  For example I never would have found the informative reviews of Funginix, the antifungal treatment I credit with curing my nail fungus infection had I not started by search on the internet and found all the positive case studies and reviews.

But when it comes to prescription medication there really need to be better checks and balances.  These need to be prescribed by a doctor in the context of your personal situation, not bought from an online pharmacy of dubious standing.  Even Google itself was slapped by dubious practices in this area.

Here are some of the (hopefully) obvious reasons why online health information for prescription medicine should be closely monitored:

  • You should only take prescription medication once a doctor has assessed your personal condition.
  • Medications can interact negatively with each other, so your doctor needs to be informed about other drugs that you are taking.
  • There is the potential of severe side effects with some medications and your doctor will determine whether you fall into a risk group.
  • You may require ongoing monitoring throughout the course of your treatment to determine whether it is working safely.
  • Dosage amounts may need to be fine-tuned to your individual conditions and circumstances.

I’m sure there are many more reasons why we need a higher level of internet safety for prescription medications.  I hope this is an area that iwatchdog.info will campaign on in the future.

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