Keeping your Most Precious Treasures Safe

My wife and I recently re-evaluated our budget.  Of course, the mortgage is our biggest recurring expense (thank you, amortization calculator).  But we’ve come to realize that our house isn’t our most precious possession – our children are!  So we’ve decided that we should invest in software that will keep them safe while on the internet.  Our kids are in fact good kids, but there are so many ways for children to find trouble on the internet (intentional or otherwise) that we simply owe it to them to ensure that they’re safeguarded online.  Honestly, no parents can monitor their children 100% of the time so an investment such as this was a good one.  We found this very informative government publication that gave us some ideas on how to keep them safe.  So I just want to recommend to every one reading this:  Remember what the most important treasures are in your life and make sure you’re keeping them safe.  No cost is too high!

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