Looking for Local Products and Services? Don’t Give Away Personal Information!

When browsing online for local products and services, it’s important to take heed that you aren’t giving away personal information to the wrong parties.  Doing so can set off a tidal wave of problems, including identity theft.  On the vast majority of websites you visit you should never need to give away any sort of personal information, especially when looking for local products and services.

One example of a reputable local business establishment is “hair extensions columbus ohio” (sic), a hair salon in Columbus, Ohio that offers hair extensions to its clientele.  The site offers information about the types of services and pricing, special deals and coupons, directions to the salon, and contact information.  However, no where on the site does it try to extract visitor information, such as credit card number or home address.  If you want to purchase a product or service from a local business, most of the time it is best to do so in person — unless the business has set up a secure shopping cart on their website.

Help support local businesses, but remember to stay safe online!

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