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Rise of Shadow IT

The phrase shadow IT is one of the current buzz words in business technology but in reality the concept is nothing new.  It describes the situation where technology is implemented by individual employees or even departments without the knowledge of managers or the IT departments. Although it’s a huge current subject of discussion,  shadow IT […]

Networking Dilemmas for the Modern Surfer

You don’t have to be a networking expert in order to take back a little bit of the privacy which we are all slowly losing online. However some knowledge of the basics of networking is pretty much essential if you want to make informed decisions. Now you certainly don’t need to spend huge amounts of […]

Changing the Location of Your IP address

Most of us have no control over the IP address we use to access the internet. It is normally assigned by our ISP from home or if travelling whichever device enables our internet connection. It may be a modem in a coffee shop or a heavy duty router sitting in the IT room of your […]

Is this a Complete PC Care System ?

Most of the steps that you can take to secure your computer and to maintain it running properly are both free and relatively simple.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hard core gaming rig, or just a low specification PC you use to posting via proxy to Craigslist.  The steps you need to take are […]

Formatting Your Windows Computer – Basic Steps

Formatting your windows computer is easier than it’s ever been before, but the steps you need to take before hand can be a little bit confusing. Video Transcript ▼ There are a number of different reasons why you may want to format your computer and install a clean copy of your operating system. The main […]

Will Hotstar Work in the UK ?

For those of us who grew up with the internet or should I say grew with the internet then the increasing amount of filtering and censorship is somewhat worrying. A memory comes to mind of about 1997 firing up my 486 computer, clicking on that connect button and listening to my 14.4 k modem beep […]

Should We All Be Using a VPN?

Twenty years ago, the internet played a fairly small part in most of our lives. It was to most people something of interest, perhaps to play around with little more than an interesting toy. Of course, that’s changed now and most of us probably use the internet every day.  Can you imagine arranging car insurance […]

Main Advantages of a Tablet PC

Many observers of technology and the IT media specifically have watched carefully while mobile devices have developed. At the moment it feels like we’re at some sort of crossroads where mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices are all vying for the technological edge. There’s even been some resurgence of the pocket computer which we […]

Checking Your IP Address on a Windows System

This is How to check your IP address in a Microsoft Windows Operating System Here are a set of instructions for checking and troubleshooting the configuration of your IP address. Checking your IP address is one of the easier pieces of networking information to obtain. It can be done in a few simple steps, and […]

Choosing a Business or Residential Internet Plan

If you’re an ordinary home user, with an internet connection in your own house you might think that the choice of connection plans is fairly limited. However if you look beyond the standard residential plans most ISP companies have a range of business plans too which although usually slightly more expensive may offer better value […]