Main Advantages of a Tablet PC

Many observers of technology and the IT media specifically have watched carefully while mobile devices have developed. At the moment it feels like we’re at some sort of crossroads where mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices are all vying for the technological edge. There’s even been some resurgence of the pocket computer which we thought had disappeared a few years go.

In many ways, your favorite applications will determine which route you take.  For example many of my friends are internet marketers who travel a lot.  For them portability is key and also their main applications are social media platforms.  So being able to configure and run private proxies for Instagram and logon to multiple copies of Facebook are as important as anything else.

Tablet PC Benefits – Top 10
A Tablet PC is better than a laptop for several reasons. It’s the next generation of notebook computer.

1. A Tablet PC is the best mobile PC solution.
A Tablet PC is compact and convertible which allows you to use your computer in places it would be awkward to use a laptop. You can even use it while standing up. With the wireless Internet support a Tablet PC is extremely convenient to use while being about town.

2. Write notes rather than type.
You can interact with people sitting across from you while writing notes, rather than having a computer screen between you. It’s great because you can use technology and still have that personal interaction with others.

3. Taking notes — it’s so easy.
Tablet PCs are especially great for students, or in a classroom situation. They are also great in meetings. You can quickly write notes — and then organize and search your notes later. You can even include audio files, or presentations with your notes.

4. A Tablet PC is more personal
Write emails using your own handwriting. Send messages to friends and family (even those without a Tablet PC.) It brings back the personalized touch of handwritten cards, rather than the impersonal feel of regular emails. Your family will love it.

5. Make comments easily.
Tablet PCs make it easy to make comments (like sticky notes, and highlighters). Personalize what you are reading. Make notes in margins. Draw right on the screen while making presentations.

6. Convert handwriting to text.
Once you have your handwritten notes — your Tablet PC can easily convert those notes into typed text.

7. Search handwritten text.
You can also search your own handwritten notes. This is the coolest feature. You will be the envy of your friends once you show them how you can write their name and then find it just by searching your notes.

8. Windows Tablet PC Edition
Ever since Windows XP there has been a new version just for Tablet PCs — with some additions. Get all of the security and features of Windows and you can carry it with you on your Tablet PC.

9. Tablet PC software
The cool thing about a Tablet PC is you get the cutting edge technology of the latest software. There are hundreds of third-party software applications for the Tablet.

10. Multi-Language Capability
There are specific versions of Windows which run on Tablets, most of them from the PC Edition 2005 comes in 20 languages or more.

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