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imagesSomething that have been a target of a lot of cyber criminality is home banking over the Internet. For many criminals it’s a lot easier to just hack into someones computer, steal their login to their internet bank and use this login to steal their money. Quite a lot of people have experienced this problem over the last few years. I normally keep my computer updated, but I was also one of the victims of this. I visited a site called tyroler kostumer, looking for a new costume for a party, and it has likely been infected, so 3 months ago I was at the shop buying som grocery when my visa card was rejected every time i tried to pay. It was a bit strange, as I knew there was money on the account when I checked earlier that day. When I got home I logged into my online bank and noticed that there wasn’t any money left on the account. I could see that earlier that day there had been made a wire transfor for about 4000 to a foreign account number. I then contacted my bank and found out that I had also been a victim of cyber criminality. Luckily the bank did cover almost all my money. But that isn’t always the case and one of the reasons why it’s so important to protect your computer from this type of people.

One of the ways they steal your logins, are by using a simple keylogger that logs everything you type on your keyboard. A few years ago this was often enough to get access to your bank, but lately many online banks have increased their security and now requires more than just a login and password. While this helps to make it harder for people to hack your bank account, it doesn’t make it impossible. One of the never tactics they use, is by replacing the code for your standard login form with one of their own. In some cases, you get redirected to another page that looks exactly like your bank’s login page, but is actually hosted on another server. When your computer then tries to login, you are just feeding the hacker your own information. In other cases, they have replaced the javascript file on your computer with one of their own, and when you try to login on the real bank page, the login form have been modified to steal your login information.

Here’s a few simple tips you can use to make it harder for others to gain access to your computer.
– Never click on links in emails from people you don’t now.
– Always keep your software updated, both the programs you use and your operation system.
– Use a good anti virus program like Nod32, kostumer, F-secury, Norton security or a similar system. Keep it updated contantly.
– Never click on .exe files that you arn’t sure is safe. For instance free games, programs downloaded from the internet. If you need to download something, be sure it’s from a safe source.
– Sometimes the hacker calls you, pretending to be from microsoft or another known IT company and asks you to type in an internet adresse. Most of the times this is fake and you should never enter a suspecious adress in your browser.

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