Month: April 2014

25 Year Chinese Environmental Plan is Updated

The updated changes go in to effect on 1 January 2015, the state Xinhua news agency stated on 2 4 April. These very expected changes come in reaction to a huge amount of community angst over pervading pollution that’s stifled China, the globe’s 2nd-biggest market. An Increasing Pervasive Pollution Problem Workers have now been unwilling […]

Learning About Online Safety and Being a Good Digital Citizen

Do you know what to do when a message pops up on your computer asking if you want to chat? La Cañada Unified second-graders do. “If they don’t give their name, you shouldn’t do it,” said Paradise Canyon Elementary School student Owen when the question was recently posed in his class. “You should be careful […]

Change Those Passwords – The Heartbleed Bug

There’s something about running around changing your passwords, two years after an exploit’s discovered that seems kind of pointless but it’s definitely worth doing. In reality there are potentially thousands of vulnerabilities in web browsers, communication protocols, web software and proxies in existence even now. Anyone with the skill, knowledge and resources can potentially break […]