Safe Searching For Trailer Tents

I am the happy owner of a trailer tent.  My parents used to take me and my brother away in a trailer tent and many a long summer spent in one of these camping is something I look back on and treasure.  Being an enthusiast, I spend a lot of time reading about trailer tents and their accessories in magazines and more recently I have found myself getting involved online, in different camping forums and on different websites.  One thing I have been made very aware of is that there are quite a few scammers online who are looking to take your persoanl details and eventually your money.  One website that I highly recommend (if you like trailer tents of course!), is the Trailer Tent Guide.  I me the owner in my favourite trailer tent forum last year and was even on the same campsite as him over the summer so we met up and had a chat.  He has been writing his trailer tent blog for a few years now and the information he gives is first class.  I look forward to him writing new stuff although he doesn’t update very regularly at all! He doesn’t mess with anyones info and I find it is a great site to visit, knowing you will not be forced to part with cash or have your identity stolen!

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