Online Voting – Security Concerns

Proponents of casting ballots online during elections cite the tremendous cost savings to be had by moving the process of voting to an electronic medium.  They also make grand claims about how increasing the convenience of voting by making it something you can do on the Internet would greatly increase voter participation rates.

Both of these arguments are probably true, but unfortunately there is a dangerous downside to the idea of online voting – it opens the possibility for electoral fraud on a grand scale.

Uninformed proponents of this practice utter platitudes about designing secure systems to ensure the online voting process cannot be hacked, hijacked, corrupted or otherwise interfered with; but this, quiet frankly, is not possible.

Billions of dollars are spent each election cycle on choosing the President of the United States.  There is ample money out there that has a strong desire to see a certain candidate win office.  By opening the process up and allowing the Internet to be involved in the vote, the combination of dollars in play with ego filled hackers  is a situation that is rife for trouble!

I strongly advocate keeping the voting process as manual as possible in order to ensure the sanctity of precinct results across the country!

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