Online Safety For Your Children

There are parents all over the world that constantly worry about their children’s activities whilst they are online. The main concern is whether or not their children are speaking to complete strangers and what they may be discussing or sharing. This is a valid concern due to the many ’online predators’ that have been headline news recently. 

So, how would a parent go about blocking certain websites that they may be worried about or just websites in general that may not be suitable? Well, the first thing that should be done is to sit your child down to explain your concerns, you could even move the computer they use into the living room so you can see the screen and see what sites they visit.

Another option is to use software such as Norton (there are many others available) that have a parental control function that you can configure to block sites that you see as unfit.

Care should be taken with what children buy as well, there are websites that sell certain items such as e cigarettes, they may also supply a Vapor King coupon code for discounts. Other sites include those that sell anything intended for adults and people over a certain age. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with these kind of sites and they are completely above board but you don’t want your children making any unwanted purchases.

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