Month: October 2012

Social Networking Skills for Kids

If someone came up to you in the street and said they were your friend, yet you had no recollection of them – what would you do.  Of course in real life, most of us would blag our way through the situation and then try and remember – “who the f*ck was I talking too! […]

Online Safety For Your Children

There are parents all over the world that constantly worry about their children’s activities whilst they are online. The main concern is whether or not their children are speaking to complete strangers and what they may be discussing or sharing. This is a valid concern due to the many ’online predators’ that have been headline […]

Choosing a safe and secure web design template

If you’re a new business owner, simply aiming on the very first web design venture, prehaps you are staying deluged with a large amount of knowledge concerning the numerous alternatives along with methods obtainable with regards to web page design, web advancement, seo along with online marketing methods which usually most likely just about all […]

Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Scams

Just like you escort your kids in the real world, you’ll also have to see what websites they visit and what all things they do online. Internet has fast evolved into a billion dollar industry. You can make friends; buy books, electronics, clothes, and everything else. And you can even fall prey to scams and […]

Safe Searching For Trailer Tents

I am the happy owner of a trailer tent.  My parents used to take me and my brother away in a trailer tent and many a long summer spent in one of these camping is something I look back on and treasure.  Being an enthusiast, I spend a lot of time reading about trailer tents […]

Finding a Wine Gift

Every website has to be worried about both security, but also who their content is available to. Of course, some industries take that responsibility more seriously than others. One industry which is struggling with how to deal with the question of online safety is the wine industry.  Anyone trying to buy a wine gift online […]

Online Voting – Security Concerns

Proponents of casting ballots online during elections cite the tremendous cost savings to be had by moving the process of voting to an electronic medium.  They also make grand claims about how increasing the convenience of voting by making it something you can do on the Internet would greatly increase voter participation rates. Both of […]