Internet Tools for Your Online Business

Although it’s much easier to set up a business online, there are a few tools which you should consider to help you along your way.  The priority of your new online business will probably be gaining customers and the only way a web site will do this is if it has lots of relevant visitors.  I use the word relevant as it’s the crucial one here, if your website sells mens clothes then getting a stream of female vistors from social networking sites will only increase your bandwidth costs.

One of the easiest places to get targeted visitors is via the search engines, they send visitors to your site based on the keywords that are entered.  This is the place to gain those visitors with the highest chance of becoming customers.  Think about keywords that may bring you customers and then try and rank your website highly for these phrases.   It’s worth investing in a tool which can help analyse your site and assess where it’s currently ranking – have a look at a program called WebCEO.


If your marketing on a global scale then you’ll probably have some issues with geo-targeting.  This occurs when a specific web site only allows access to certain countries.   This can be a real headache for an online business when accessing advertisers, banking systems and numerous other websites.  It’s worth investing in a proxy subscription which allows you to swap your IP address online when required.  For instance I use mine for my business but also I connect through a UK proxy for BBC Iplayer.  It’s a tool that I use virtually every day in some capacity – here’s the details.

Of course there isn’t a piece of software for everything so occasionally you’ll probably need to hire someone to complete a task for you.  For simple tasks take a look at, for more complicated work you can pick up any skills you need from sites like Elance both are very useful sites for the online businessman.

Julian Willliams

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