Changing your IP Address Guide

Luckily, there are several approaches to protect someone’s IP address. Now you may want to change the IP address because of the a variety of reasons. While there are excellent explanations for why sites must know your IP address, the dangers continue to be present. Nonetheless, it should be said that these alone cannot fully […]

Safety Tips for Using the Internet Whilst Travelling

For anyone who does lot’s of travelling the internet has literally transformed their lives.  Now instead of leaving their personal and private lives behind, you can keep in touch from virtually anywhere on the planet.  You can converse with friends, pay your bills and even watch your local football team from thousand of miles away. […]

VPN: Why You Should be Using One

As your happily clicking around the internet, browsing Facebook or laughing at your mates exploits on social media – it’s easy to develop a sense of safety on these user friendly sites.  The internet has developed to the point where there are now few areas which doesn’t impact your life.  Millions of us sit down […]

Privacy and the Web

There is an assumption, that what you do online is private and visible only to yourself. However this is actually pretty far from the truth, for a variety of reasons. One of the major ones is that there’s no inherent privacy built into HTTP the basic communication language of the internet. All data sent and […]

Erase all data when selling a computer

Have you ever sold your old computer, or just your old harddrive for that matter, and thought that simply by ereasing everything on it, you would be safe? Well you are not. My old friend Pete from Bestil Briketter, sold his old office computer with all the information for on it. Pete isn’t a […]

Head Start in Using Your New Mac OS

For many people, who’ve switched from a lifetime of using Microsoft Windows there first steps using the Mac OS can be a confusing time initially. Well you’ve come to the right place, hopefully these simple tips will get you started with your journey into your new Operating system. It’s a good assumption on our part […]

Look for a New Career? Why Not Simply Work Online.

For many people, the idea of working online can be very attractive. The flexibility of your own hours, no boring commute and of course the huge bonus of being your own boss. However starting an online business and making it successful? Just like a house, your foundation for any business has to be very solid […]

Teaching kids and elders online safety

You have probably tried it a few times, an elder relativ calls you saying that his computer is acting strange and he asks if you have the time to take a look at it. Or your parents had some kids visiting that was playing with the computer, and now suddenly everything is messed op.  It […]

Working Online Securely When You’re Travelling

Lots of us now take our internet connections with us when we travel.  We can use phones, tablets and laptops to carry on working wherever we are.  However have you ever considered how safe using that internet connection in a coffee shop or shopping mall is?   After all it is important to remember that […]