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Facebook is Available for Online Business

  Who doesn’t know Facebook? It is the world large communication device. While it helps people around the world to know each other or trade information without have to actually see each other, it can be a way to get profit also. Online shop is very easy to manage. It does not need a lot […]

Chat Room is Bad News for Kids

  Every parent should be very careful when letting the children use internet. The social media like chat room can lead to a something dangerous. The conversation between two people or more on the chat room sometimes covers the bigger topic that does not suitable for kids. Parent should pay attention on with whom the […]

Television Can be Bad Example for Children

  Television, no matter enjoyable it is, can be a bad influent for children. My five years old son loves to watch TV every day and every hours nonstop. I do not mind if what he watches is cartoon network. Well he does but he also watches an adult show. He learns the new inappropriate […]

Safe Surfing

Online safety is important for people in many different ways. Whether that is protecting vulnerable people or protecting your computer against viruses it is important to get it right. To stay away from viruses can be hard but getting a good security package and being careful what sites you go on to can make a […]

Should Anyone Be Anonymous?

On the whole most online security experts advise people to keep their real identity secret when surfing and browsing online.  We advise our children to use a nickname or pseudonym, to keep our address private and to never give out things like phone numbers to people they don’t know.  It is sound advice but unfortunately […]

Safety Safety Safety

Safety is something that is drilled into us in all walks of life these days and online security is just as important as anything else. Making sure that you and your family are safe is essential and there are many risks like the kind of content that can appear, ID theft and undesirables making contact […]

The Risks of Using HTTP

According to the website Wikipedia, HTTP is defined as follows – The Hypertext Transfer Protocol  HTTP is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems Which is entirely true however most of us will just recognise it as the way you start virtually every website when you type in the address.  In reality it […]

Keep Internet Security at the Forefront

Internet security has been at the forefront of my mind for as long as I’ve been using the internet.  There are a lot of scams out there that are after your money.  I’ve educated myself on the value of money by using this interest calculator and understanding how it relates to internet security. It is […]