Author: Michael

Erase all data when selling a computer

Have you ever sold your old computer, or just your old harddrive for that matter, and thought that simply by ereasing everything on it, you would be safe? Well you are not. My old friend Pete from Bestil Briketter, sold his old office computer with all the information for on it. Pete isn’t a […]

Teaching kids and elders online safety

You have probably tried it a few times, an elder relativ calls you saying that his computer is acting strange and he asks if you have the time to take a look at it. Or your parents had some kids visiting that was playing with the computer, and now suddenly everything is messed op.  It […]

Internet banking and safety

Something that have been a target of a lot of cyber criminality is home banking over the Internet. For many criminals it’s a lot easier to just hack into someones computer, steal their login to their internet bank and use this login to steal their money. Quite a lot of people have experienced this problem […]

Planes safety

It’s not just online you have to be safe, there are also many places in the real work where safety are just as important (or even more important in some cases). For instance when driving a car or a bike in the traffic, flying an airplane or practicing extreme sports. In this article we are going […]