Is this a Complete PC Care System ?

Most of the steps that you can take to secure your computer and to maintain it running properly are both free and relatively simple.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hard core gaming rig, or just a low specification PC you use to posting via proxy to Craigslist.  The steps you need to take are virtually the same and you can follow them below.

Video Transcript

12 steps to keeping a computer running like new. Safe secure and problem-free and this system will keep it that way for as long as you want.  If you apply all 12 steps,  this is not difficult to do.  Clear actionable instructions with no techie speak or experience needed the only requirement owning a Windows PC.  This system is delivered and simple easy to follow video format every click of the mouse revealed step by step.  So all you have to do is copy what I do it can’t be made any easier than this.  The steps must be followed in this sequence step one through to step 12 in order for it to work correctly.

The fact that all the tools and utilities are already on your computer has to be proof that this complete PC care system will work and all you have to do is set it up.  So let me show you the 12 steps.  Step 1 removing software programs and apps you do not use takes five minutes once a week this will free up this risk and more importantly resources and services.  This increases efficiency and reliability of your system step to cleaning startup takes five minutes once every two weeks removing programs from your startup menus sets quicker start times frees up memory and services and reduces startup problems. Step 3 cleaning up your drive takes two minutes to set up. It must be run every day and can be set up to run on autopilot removes all unnecessary files and data from your drive.  If it’s set up correctly increases efficiency and maintain speed.  Step 4 organizing to set it up correctly takes five minutes runs on autopilot keeps files and folders tidy which will maintain fast and efficient data searching.  This runs automatically by default but needs to be optimized correctly for your PC,  disorganized data will slow your PC cause errors and damage your drive.

Step 5 leaving free space on your drive takes 1 minute once every week if you save a lot of data and once a month if you don’t this step is extremely important.  Leaving space vacant on your drive allows your computer to move data efficiently without slowing down drives full to capacity will cripple a PC. Step 6 antivirus program set up time 5 minutes runs on autopilot the most overlooked and misunderstood area of a PC.  Very important not only for catching malicious software but how efficient at updating and giving real-time protection with no resource hugging when setup properly.  Step 7 malware spyware protection setup time 5 minutes must be run every day can be set up to run on autopilot again very important not only for catching malicious software but how efficient at updating and giving real-time protection with no resource hogging when setup properly set up in .

Windows updates setup takes five minutes runs on autopilot helps keep your computer more secure and reliable.  Protecting your computer and your privacy these updates include security and critical updates as well as reliability improvements. Step 9 hardware driver updates checking in updating takes 5 minutes check once every 2 months there is a lot of confusion about drivers out there but all you need to do here is check that you have the latest drivers for your system and visiting the manufacturers website is the correct and easiest way.  Outdated drivers cause all sorts of communication problems!

Step 10 memory levels checking takes five minutes it’s simple put very important to make sure you have enough memory to run all the programs that you are using on your computer.  Step 11 backing up your data set up time five minutes runs on autopilot again there is a lot of confusion and false information about how to backup your precious data. This is not difficult to do correctly you just need to be shown one way that works well runs on a schedule and only backup what’s really necessary. Step 12 making a systems image set up time five minutes this is the most important part every computer owner should make a systems image or a clone of their drive this will recover your computer from every kind of problem or disaster large or small there’s no learning curve to this system you either apply it and have complete control over your computer or you do not and it will slow down start giving trouble and eventually lose everything.  It’s completely up to you now initial setup for this complete PC care system is less than one hour.

It may take a little longer depending on your schedule. The 12 steps are delivered in video via 6 emails all software tools and utilities used in this system are free and if you are setting this up on Windows 7 or Vista there are two software tools that you have to download and install and don’t worry I will be showing you how to do that as well these two downloads are also free there is a free version of this 12 step complete PC care system that you can sign up for below and this version is for Windows 7 and Vista only you don’t have to set up this complete PC care system but get some kind of maintenance plan set up on your PC if you want to keep your computer in excellent working condition thanks for watching and I hope this has been of some benefit to you

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