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Firstly don’t believe that all web hosting is the same, because it simply isn’t. If you make this assumption and merely look at price I’ll guarantee you’ll regret it. The cheapest web hosting services can be very poor indeed, sacrificing speed and uptime in order to slash costs. It’s simply not worth it, after all if you’re spending time and money on a website you want it to be accessible?

Anyone that is looking for a new and reliable web hosting company should do a lot of research before making a choice. GoDaddy is one company that you’ll probably want to look at, which is why we’ll be focusing on it in this review. GoDaddy has good and bad points, just like any other web host – it is certainly not an exception to the rule. Is GoDaddy the best choice? You will have to make that decision. In fact, you should compare our review with your own research on other web hosts just to make sure.

GoDaddy has what are called SSL Certificates. Ever hear of them? All businesses have these, especially if they have customers with websites. It makes them more secure. At very reasonable prices,GoDaddy offers these to individuals or small businesses that want to portray a professional and secure image to the customers. Instead of worrying about whether or not you have been hacked, or if your website now has spyware or malware, the GoDaddy SSL Certificates will prevent these things from ever happening. Covering unlimited servers, the Standard SSL or Premium SSL will do their job right after you sign up. You will find that other companies charge separately for every server you own.

You can add additional security yourself, specifically about how you access your account. For example uploading files using clear text FTP is putting your account and credentials in risk. A simple and efficient step to take is to invest in a VPN service and enable it when you access your account – here’s a discussion of the advantages, VPN vs Smart DNS.

If you are looking for protection on the cheap, GoDaddy’s SSL Certificates may be what you are looking for. Premium data centers are typically rented by webhosts. GoDaddy is so large, they actually own the ones they use. Uninterrupted service is something you will receive due to the constant monitoring of the routers and firewalls. One of the most reliable webhosting companies on the Internet, GoDaddy offers 99.9% uptime, something that few other companies offer at any price. If you like to use FTP to upload and download from your server, and get website statistics, this company also offers this. There are many people on the Internet to criticize GoDaddy for a variety of reasons, yet this company certainly is not that bad. One of the most reliable web hosting companies ever, GoDaddy has so much to offer. The statistics of their success are easy to find include the show why they are an industry leader.

GoDaddy is designed to make it easy for new website owners to get their site up and running quickly. If you have no experience with domains, no worries! It is easy to buy them and get them on the web. It is thought, at least by those that have online experience, that this company offers very little for those that are techies. If you are more advanced, then the control panel that you log into may seem very basic. If you like to have more control, you will not find that here.

Accessing the control panel repeatedly during the day can become problematic, especially when using the web monitoring tools that are available. So if you are a seasoned webmaster, GoDaddy might not be what you are looking for. It is important that you consider all of these issues before you get an account with GoDaddy. In terms of web hosting, GoDaddy is definitely one of the more successful web companies out there. Even though they are unpopular with many people, they still manage to satisfy millions of customers or they wouldn’t still be in business.

We’ve tried to paint an accurate picture of them for you, but it really comes down to what you need and what you’re looking for. It is important to do your research before you accurately decide whether or not you want to buy your hosting and domains from GoDaddy or from one of the competitors.

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