Month: June 2015

Working Online Securely When You’re Travelling

Lots of us now take our internet connections with us when we travel.  We can use phones, tablets and laptops to carry on working wherever we are.  However have you ever considered how safe using that internet connection in a coffee shop or shopping mall is?   After all it is important to remember that […]

Dangers of Free Proxy Software

Many children are very technically savvy, however they rarely think through the implications of what they do online.   Take for instance proxies, you’ve probably heard of them and in fact you may have used them to access different TV channels by buying a US IP address for instance –   However there ‘s a […]

Introducing the Newest ASUS Essentio PC

This is a brief report in our new series of computer and hardware reviews. We’ll try and focus on more popular ranges that people might actually buy. There are many desktop computers available today. Is the ASUS Essentio CM1630-08 something that might be useful for you? For people on a budget, this computer is ideal […]