Keeping Your Money Safe Online

While Internet security may be reasonably tight and commerce sites employing high level SSL encryption, being concerned over financial security is fairly common. So just how safe is your money during online transactions when you purchase goods or services?

For the most part, the security level of ecommerce sites is sufficiently high to keep out attacks from criminal attackers as things stand. That does not however mean it will continue to be safe in the future, as technology advances and the capabilities of the hacker community continues to grow alongside those advances.

We are at something of a status quo in terms of secure financial transactions and online banking services. Customers must realize however that they still have to shoulder some of the responsibility for keeping their personal information safe.

While the level of encryption employed by online financial entities is strong enough to keep out the bad guys, it can’t stop someone from gaining access to your online information if they have your passwords and pin numbers. And the only way they can get them is if you inadvertently allow them to!

We are constantly being made aware that we should be vigilant when opening emails and doubly wary of clicking any links or opening attachments from senders that we are unsure of. This is because hidden software could be lurking in those attachments or links that could embed themselves in your computing device and read your password files or watch your keystrokes as you enter passwords and pin numbers to secure financial or ecommerce websites.

This information can then be transmitted to cyber criminals who may then use it to access bank accounts and credit card data and leave you with a nasty shock when you next check your statements. The longest and most unintelligible passwords possible will not protect you if someone else knows what they are!

For anyone engaged in the business of earning an income from the Internet (see: the knowledge that your personal information is the target of criminals is only part of the equation that will keep you safe from exploitation. The other more important part is in taking the necessary action in protecting your sensitive data and making sure you never allow unknown software to infiltrate your computer by remaining vigilant at all times for email exploits and visiting unsafe websites.

When the financial safety of an individual or business is concerned, too much stress cannot be placed on the first line of defense being yourself and the people that work for you and have access to computers linked to a central database or to files that contain sensitive information. Constant checks should be made for virus exploits on all computing equipment and measures put in place to ensure rogue emails are never allowed to deposit their payloads of big trouble into your system. More information can be on computer safety can be found here:

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