Applying for a Loan – Safety Checklist

When it comes to giving out your personal details either online or via a Phone call, it is very important to be careful to not give away too much information. Be prepared and you will be much safer knowing what you will know from reading this article.

Most loan companies should never ask you the following questions:

  • Can you confirm your bank details
  • Can you verify you account details
  • Ask you what you security question is, unless you are calling the loan company.
  • Ask you to provide them with your password

Here is a simply checklist that will help you keep safe when applying for any type of loan:

  • Don’t respond to unexpected e-mails that look like they come from your bank. Loan companies will never e-mail you
  • Don’t reply to text messages when you were not expecting it either
  • Don’t access or apply for a loan using a public computer, like at a library or at Costa!
  • Make sure to choose a strong password. If choosing a memorable name or place, make sure to replace letters with numbers or special characters
  • If applying online, make sure the website offers a secure https page and use a fast VPN if possible
  • Be careful for phishing scams, most common times are during September, January and April
  • Avoid leaving your e-mail account in open places or social sites to avoid spam/scam attacks

This post was written by David Smith who runs a website offering Emergency Cash Loans in the US and wants to make sure more people are aware about online safety.


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