Month: April 2013

Safe Surfing

Online safety is important for people in many different ways. Whether that is protecting vulnerable people or protecting your computer against viruses it is important to get it right. To stay away from viruses can be hard but getting a good security package and being careful what sites you go on to can make a […]

How To Safely Buy Bags Online

With so many bags to choose from, you might like a bit of help so you can get it right first time. Sometimes only good looking is not enough you have to know detail information about it. Don’t let the picture you’re looking at trick your eyes when you do an online shopping. You can […]

Should Anyone Be Anonymous?

On the whole most online security experts advise people to keep their real identity secret when surfing and browsing online.  We advise our children to use a nickname or pseudonym, to keep our address private and to never give out things like phone numbers to people they don’t know.  It is sound advice but unfortunately […]