What are the Online Risks to Our Kids

One of the main problems that many parents have about their children using the internet is simply knowledge.  It is not uncommon for children to know an awful lot more about technology than their parents do.  Unfortunatelty this technological knowledge is combined with a child’s trusting and innocent nature which is what can put them at risk.

But what are the risks?  Well there’s a few different areas, one of the obvious one is seeing disturbing or unsuitable images.  This is actually quite easily fixed as most Anti Virus and security programs like Kaspersky or Symantec have classification systems that can block access to most websites which may contain unsuitable content.

There are other dangers that are not as easy to address though.  Of course one of the main worries is that of being contacted or manipulated by an adult online who often will pretend to be a child.  It is important that children are aware of these possibilities, just knowing that there are adults who attempt to groom children on the internet will make your child much more careful.  They should also be clear that they can seek guidance or discuss anything that worries them online.

Make sure your children are aware of the implications of uploading images and text, the fact that it is no longer under their control and will basically exist online for ever.  Of course thankfully many children have gained awareness of the dangers thanks to many organisations and teachers who educate our children.  Reinforcing these messages though is important and should be done frequently.

Many kids are highly experienced in using technology, I discovered my son setting up an IPad VPN the other day based on this webpost. The reason? So he could watch episodes of Hulu streamed from a US only site called Hulu.  Try to keep up to date with the latest technology and use a safety site like Childline to check the latest issues.

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