Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Scams

Just like you escort your kids in the real world, you’ll also have to see what websites they visit and what all things they do online. Internet has fast evolved into a billion dollar industry. You can make friends; buy books, electronics, clothes, and everything else. And you can even fall prey to scams and frauds. It’s true and you’ll have to accept it.

So be safe and keep your children safe. You’ve to have knowledge and better understanding of Internet. It will keep you safe from online scams. And being elders, it’s our duty to teach our kids about the dos and don’ts of the online world by framing some rules for them.

Kids these days are so busy playing online that they no longer play with their pets, they don’t clean their pets litter box even if it’s an automatic litter box, and more to our amazement they have no friends in the real world, except in the virtual world.

Set a Time Limit

Kids often use computer/Internet to play games and pass their time. And this is what the scammers and fraudsters take advantage of. They ask kids to fill forms and enter their information and later misuse it. So set a time limit and tell them not to enter any personal details on any sites.

Monitor, Control, and make them Play Outdoors

Check the history after your kids leave the computer. You’ll know what all they’ve accessed. Though this may violate your kids privacy, it’s all for good. If you notice anything wrong, you can immediately discuss with them about it. So monitor and control the Internet access. Also ensure that they play outdoor games for better health.

Follow these two things and your kids will be healthy and also safe from online scams.

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