Finding a Wine Gift

Every website has to be worried about both security, but also who their content is available to.

Of course, some industries take that responsibility more seriously than others.

One industry which is struggling with how to deal with the question of online safety is the wine industry.  Anyone trying to buy a wine gift online has learned that two major questions are asked before you can enter a credit card.  First, are you 21 years old?  Second, upon checkout what is your birthday?

For the industry those questions show perhaps a concern about their customers, but also a concern for the regulatory arms of the government whom could easily shut them down for   a single wrong move.  The only problem for the average wine business is that asking for this type of information has been shown to decrease conversion rates of website visitors.

It puts honest retailers at a disadvantage.  If you don’t ask for this info, you sell more wine and barely put yourself at risk because any common carrier (Fedex, UPS etc) has to have someone over the age of 21 sign for the package.

For an industry, that is a difficult situation to be a part of!

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