Online Privacy When Buying Alcohol

Alcohol is among the most regulated industries around anywhere to be sure.  Unlike tobacoo, or any type of food permits are needed from almost every state in the country individually if you plan to sell alcohol online.  For some of the top wine clubs around, they are so busy simply complying with permits, that they have a full time staff member who is solely responsible for that process.  The interesting thing to me, is that wine content online is both meant to be for those over the age of 21, but also the only way to check is to ask.  That self reporting mechanism means plenty of underaged people are able to access the content, without worrying about any type of repercussions because of it.  I find that both interesting and distressing at the same time, since even people within the wine industry don’t want youngesters to be able to access their content before they can legally drink.  That doesn’t help anyone.

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