Scamming the Scammers,

I have been doing a bit of personal research into on line shopping scams recently and came across a real stinker disguised, as usual, as a get rich quick scheme, targeted at the gullible and the greedy. It all centered around the use of mobile phones to place a series of bets on sporting events that are designed to make you a fortune. Trouble is that you are placing bets as a proxy for the information seller, who will only take a ‘small fee’ for giving you the information after you have placed the bet for him!

One way I think that this can be combated is by using the social networks like this one named,which will allow for an instant global response to such approaches and stop these scammers dead in the water.

I was offered just such a deal only a fortnight ago when an unsolicited email arrived on my phone and got through disguised as a note from a mate called Richard. As I was waiting for such a note I opened it and was greeted with an offer of riches if only I would participate and place bets for this bloke who said that he was banned from all bookmakers as he was too successful at what he did.

I thought what a chancer and was really pissed off at this. So I generated a chain letter to my friends and had them do the same to warn others of this scam. Within two hours I was contacted by a few friends who said that it had gone wild over almost all of the social networking sites and that others were now doing the same thing about other scammers and their tricks.

I feel quite proud of myself that I managed to stop this abuse and will continue, with your help, to stop as many others that are foolish enough to send them to me.

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