Why it is important to first read online dating reviews before signing up?

Keep your personal information as ‘personal’ as you can when you start with online dating.

As online dating sites such as rencontre gratuit (= free dating) in the French speaking part of Belgium and gratis dating in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium have gained much popularity in recent years it has become more important to know which online datingsites are safe. As you give your personal information open and somewhat public in a closed area of the dating site it is good to know that your personal information is retained and protected by the company that runs the dating site. Possible things you have to look for are that they look respectable (good design, works without problems and is well known and you know which company is behind it). As we take as an example the site Rencontregratuit.be is an online dating portal that gives an objective opinion on online dating sites, it is interesting which sites it recommends as it clearly shows the research the owner has done to have picked the safest dating sites in his country. The best tip I can give everybody that is interested in online dating is to be careful when going ‘online’ and be aware of the people that talk to and what information they request from you. Additionally I recommend keeping as much information about yourself as private as you can without becoming a bit too paranoid as the other person should be able to get to know who you are. I hope this helps all you online daters out here.

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