iPad 2 Jailbreak and Online Security

iPad 2 Jailbreak and Online SecurityEven when the next generation iPad just broke into the market, iPad 2 jailbreak tools have come out pretty quickly. With all the additional exciting features not readily available originally, iPad 2 Jailbreak tools have enhanced the value and use of the second generation iPad.

Note on Online Security

The following are the steps required to perform an iPad 2 jailbreak using iOS 4.3. Take note that this method utilizes the RedsnOw tool, one of the many jailbreak tools out there. Be sure to review the tool to be used the computer’s online safety is at risk. Use only iPad 2 jailbreak tools that are trusted by many users. Make sure to read forums and find out what is usually used by other iPad enthusiasts.

Steps to Perform an iPad 2 Jailbreak

Obviously, the first step to perform this iPad 2 jailbreak method is to download the RedsnOw tool. As a bit of a good measure, just in case something goes wrong, create a new folder and copy the current ipsw first. Make this folder easy to locate and name it conspicuously so that it will be easy to locate. After downloading this said tool and making the back up copy of the ipsw file, run it and make sure that it is directed to the iPad’s current ipsw – not the copy.

The next step in this iPad 2 jailbreak process is to check off the “Install Cydia” checkbox among the several options. It’s ok to keep the other options unchecked like “Install custom bundle” and “Just enter pwned DFU mode right now” since these will not be needed at the moment.

Next, if the iPad 2 is currently on then turn it off and then plug it to the computer. Once the device is plugged into the computer, click “Next.” After that the tool will walk the user through the process of placing the iPad in DFU mode. All that needs to be done at this point is to simply follow the instructions on the screen.

The rest of the process in this iPad 2 jailbreak method is pretty much automated and will work on its own without the need for human interference. Once the tool finishes all the needed operations, users can now click the “Finish” button – and the process is done.

Remember that this iPad 2 Jailbreak process uses Redsnow with iOS 4.3. Users can now look around in the Cydia app store and try out a few of the new things in store for them. Now the entire process of an iPad 2 Jailbreak is complete.


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