How to Avoid Getting Hacked

Protecting yourself online has never been more important. For many of us a lot of our personal lives are completely stored within email, calendars, Facebook, and a variety of websites. All of this information is vulnerable to online hackers. Worst of all it is not like you can contact a local Utah attorney if some hacker in Malaysia gets to you. Therefore you need to do everything you can to prevent hacking. In this article we will cover a few basic ideas you can start following right now.

1)      Set up double verification in your Gmail account – I can’t tell you how many times I see an obviously faked spam email come through my friends accounts. It is obvious they have been hacked and if they would have set up double verification in their Gmail this would not had been an issue.

2)      Play games and click offers cautiously on Facebook – It is amazing to see how often people share bad links on their Facebook account. Worst of all people actually click these links. Therefore here is the best rule of thumb; if something is too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t click it!

While these are some simple examples the same ideas can be applied to any other website. It is important you do your best to protect yourself so that your accounts don’t get hacked. After all who likes getting spammed by a random person in their email?

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