Only Buy From Secure Websites

When buying online you should look for sites with secure payment pages. You can recognise these by looking in the ‘address bar’ – the place where you type the address of the website you are visiting. Normally this will start with ‘http://’ but a secure page will change to ‘https://’ and will usually show a yellow padlock somewhere on the page.

Our shop sells gifts with your family crest and our payment pages are secure. However, it is surprising the number of people we get who telephone and tell us their debit/credit card details, saying they don’t trust the Internet and would rather talk to someone! When they place their order at the website we don’t get to see their card details, but obviously when they order by phone we do. Now I ask you, which is safer? Of course we aren’t going to use the card details to buy other things, but not everyone is honest.

Think twice about ordering by telephone: you be nervous about buying on the Internet but if you see that the payment page is secure, it is much safer than giving your card details to a stranger over the telephone.

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