Tough Parenting Decisions With Kids And Cell Phones

Parents should be worried about their children’s safety and in the world today there are many ways kids can get into trouble. A way that is new just within the last ten years involves cell phones for kids.

More and more cell phones are allowing texting, connecting to the Internet, and allowing their users to do all sorts of things. Obviously for an adult, this sounds great. But for kids, it can become a problem. Whether you have a very young child or a teenager, if you are a responsible parent you should want to learn how to keep your children isolated from all the bad things out there.

It may seem incredible to some that kids today as young as 4 or 5 are asking for cell phones. They catch on quickly and want to mimic what they see their parents doing and using. Additionally, that first kid in every class that gets a cell phones usually causes every other kid to go home and beg for one too. It is a real problem for parents who want their kids to stay unconnected to the tech world for as long as possible.

Kids can get into real trouble on their cell phones unless their parents give them a phone that has parental controls. The younger the child is, the more important having parental controls are. With some phones by makers such as Kajeet, parents can make sure their kids phones will only allow their kids to do what the parents want. For instance, you can set them so that only certain numbers can be called, only certain numbers can call in, the phone won’t work after or before a certain hour, and all sorts of other parameters a parent may want to set.

Kids really go for texting now and it is more popular with teens than actually talking on the phone. But texting has been in the news a lot in the last couple of years because with it comes a new way for kids to bully and harass other kids. It is another way kids can get into trouble with a cell phone and another reason some parents want their children to go without owning one for as long as possible.

The newer phones allow the downloading of all sorts of games and content and the older the child is, the harder it is for parents to stay in control. It is so difficult for parents who are facing these decisions for the first time to know exactly what they should do. Ultimately they have to use their best judgment and take into account their child’s maturity level. The more grounded a child is, the less likely they are to misuse a phone or get into some kind of trouble using it.

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