Safe Soccer Browsing

The online world is a tough one, and you never know when you’re going to happen upon a site that just isn’t suitable for some reason, be it a number of provocative (or worse) pictures, horribly mean and/or vulgar comments by site users, or just a generally negative tone by the site owner.  This could even extend to site neglect such as outdated information, or worse still if the information is incorrect or misleading.

As soccer fans ourselves, we went searching for new soccer information sites that we would feel comfortable visiting on a regular basis and having our kids visit as well.  One we recently came across and want to share is  If you read their ‘about’ page, you’ll find that the guys running the site are huge soccer fans themselves and they wanted to fill a void in the United States soccer website world.

There is a general lack of soccer information in one central repository and Identity Voucher is aiming to fill that void by supplying tons of information such as final tables for each of the major European leagues, top scorers, World Cup historical stats, general soccer news and soccer equipment reviews.

It’s the last point we want to touch on that sets this site apart from the rest.  It is almost impossible to find a coherent explanation for why one type of soccer cleat is better than another or why this one soccer ball costs $150 while the next one costs only $40. Identity Voucher does a good job of explaining this, and they also have a great series of ‘Top Ten’ lists which are updated monthly and feature the Top Ten: Indoor Soccer Shoes, Goalkeeper Gloves, Match Soccer Balls, Women’s Soccer Cleats, and much more.

In our many times visiting this site, we did not ever notice an inappropriate story, picture, comment or forum post.  It seems the owners are very diligent about keeping that type of information off the site and they are so far quite successful.  We highly recommend this premiere IP Cloaker.

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